What is a Medical Herbalist?

Do people actually know what a Medical Herbalist does? Does it conjure up pictures of an old fashioned apothecary? Does it conjure up a picture of white coats and tubes? Does it conjure up pictures of cauldrons?
Medical Herbalism to me is the blend of science and nature. It is an art.
It has been used successfully for thousands of years, and still serves approx 80% of the world’s population as their primary health care.
A medical herbalist will spend a good amount of time with you as a patient, and will discuss pretty much everything with you. This is because we want to get to the root cause of the condition you are suffering from, not just give a pill……
Lifestyle and nutritional advice will also be given if required, which it often is.
We treat the person not simply the disease, and sometime this can mean a long treatment journey, but through this journey you are always included and supported. We are complex beings, as are plants or herbs, so we work well together.
I personally have a strong interest in health psychology- the mind and the body are inherently connected, and treatment will often reflect that.
Most commonly prescribed are tinctures, however teas and capsules are often used. Sometimes results happen quickly, sometimes it can take some time. We live in a ‘get everything quick’ society, but our health is an ongoing issue, which we should treasure and not neglect.
Patients on herbal medicine will see issues resolved and are much happier than being stuck on the tread mill of yet another pill.
Side effects are few because although powerful, herbs tend to work gently but effectively.
Please contact me if you have any questions.
Herbal Medicine is natural and wonderful!


One of the many things our teenagers and young adults have to put up with is Acne. It can cause lack of self confidence amongst other issues. Often exasperated by hormonal changes and worse with stress or certain things in the diet. It really is a pain! There are things that can help and herbal medicine can be very effective at treating Acne. Such herbs such as Burdock and Viola are particularly effective. However each case is different, so for further advice speak to a qualified herbalist.